Love & Light Pattern - SS16/20oz Straight Tumbler

Love & Light Pattern - SS16/20oz Straight Tumbler

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Love & Light Pattern  (THIS IS ONLY THE PATTERN) 

This pattern is designed to work with SS16 rhinestones and the 20oz straight stainless steel tumblers available in the "Projects & Tumblers" tab.  


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We recommend using SS16 to create the honeycomb portion of this pattern. 
Stones needed to complete this tumbler are as follows. 

Pastel Colorway
(2-10 gross package ss16) Background color - Neon White
(1-10 gross package ss16) Primary Heart color - Neon Pink
(1-10 gross package ss16) Secondary Heart color - Neon Light Purple
(1-10 gross packages ss16) Secondary Heart color - Neon Coral

Rainbow Colorway
(2-10 gross package ss16) Background color - Black
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Rose
(1-10 gross package ss16)  - Neon Red
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Light Orange
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Citrine
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Peridot
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Green
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Aqua
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Blue
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Light Amethyst
(1-10 gross package ss16) - Neon Purple

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