Crystalyne HONEYCOMBER ©

Crystalyne HONEYCOMBER ©

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HONEYCOMBER © 2022 is an adjustable belt for the honeycomb method on straight tumblers with 2.64-3.3" diameter. This diameter range typically fits 20-30oz straight skinny tumblers.

How it works:
The HONEYCOMBER works very similarly to a buckle belt - unbuckle, place on the tumbler, tighten the rubber strap and buckle. On the underside of the belt, there is a guide rail and a guide ridge. When the two are aligned, the HONEYCOMBER will provide an uninterrupted straight reference line for honeycombing throughout the entire length of your tumbler.
The HONEYCOMBER should be used for aligning your stones - it slides up and down. If you have your tumbler painted, the paint provides a bit of resistance. If your tumbler is plain stainless steel, it will slide up and down more freely - if you need a tighter grip, hold the rubber with one hand and fasten with the other hand.

• Colours may slightly vary due to differences in filament color. Random color.
• The filament used is premium quality 100% recyclable industrial grade materials.
• Do not expose to temperatures above 90C / 194F.
• Do not wash in dishwashers.
• This is not a toy.

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