BLING It Forward

BLING It Forward

BLING It Forward

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Just Like the Pay it forward movement but with Bling! 

Add as many Bling It Forward options to your cart as you'd like and the next people to order after you will receive a surprise gift from you in their order!  You will have the choice of different sizes and price points of Bling Mixes that youd like to "Bling It Forward" with.  Also choose to stay anonymous OR we will add your First name to the sticker accompanying the Bling Mix.

Only 1 Bling it Forward will be added to a "receiving" order.  If you add 3 to your cart then the next 3 orders will each receive 1 Bling It Forward

If you are a recipient of a Bling It Forward, we will be sure to include a Bling Mix that is NOT in your order so you are guaranteed to not receive a duplicate.

If you do happen to be a lucky receipient of a Bling It Forward, Please share it In our Facebook Group (The Blinging Bluebird Fam 💎) to share with everyone!

Disclosure of who orders and who receives will not be given out, so it is up to all of you to pass the generosity, share the love and Bling. 

**Please Note** Bling It Forward recipients will only qualify if their order contains a physical product.  Bling It Forward will not be sent to orders placed containing only free and/or digital content.

Happy Blinging It Forward!

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